Which US Financial Districts Could See The Most Office Foreclosures?

Office loan defaults pose a high risk for major US financial districts, potentially signaling impending issues for large cities. A new study by The Kaplan Group analyzed office building data in key US financial districts to determine which are most at risk of a large number of loan defaults or even geo-centric office firesales. Districts … Read more

State of the Collections Industry in 2021

How did Covid-19 and the resulting economic downturn affect the collections industry? We may not know all the ramifications for a few years, but it’s clear that things have changed and will continue to do so. While delinquency levels did not spike, it is unclear how consumers will manage their obligations as the recession continues. … Read more

Late Fees: The Hows and Whys of Charging Them

We’ve all been there.  You miss a payment on a credit card or utility bill and find yourself paying not just the amount due, but the amount due, plus a late fee.  In B2B relationships charging a late fee and/or, a finance charge, is also common practice. If you aren’t already charging your clients for … Read more

The Government Shutdown and Payment Problems

As we’re writing this, the longest ever U.S. Federal Government shutdown just ended, albeit perhaps only temporarily. Whatever your political views, there are clearly economic costs to both businesses and individuals. Some of those costs are far reaching. Even if none of your clients are federal employees or agencies, you may still feel the burn … Read more

Chinese Business Delegation Learns About U.S. Collections

For 20 years, the United States – China Exchange Council (USCEC) has hosted delegate exchanges between the U.S. and China for the purposes of education, commerce, and friendship. Because of his experience with multiple industries and his extensive knowledge of both U.S. and international commercial collections, Dean Kaplan was recently asked to speak to a … Read more

Fifth Annual $1,000 Scholarship Awarded by The Kaplan Group

  The Kaplan Group is very excited to announce that Rebecca Strasser is this year’s $1,000 scholarship winner!  Rebecca is beginning her first year as an MBA candidate at Gonzaga University.  Rebecca was one of over 100 scholarship applicants many of whom submitted excellent responses to our essay prompts. With such stiff competition, Rebecca should be … Read more

5 Surprising Sources of Financial Issues

A lot of executives, especially entrepreneurs, think of themselves as independent, but the truth is very few businesses stand alone. The financial wellbeing of your company may be much more dependent on other companies, and random factors, than you like to admit. The most obvious connections are between you and your clients. If a client … Read more

The Kaplan Group Awards its 4th Annual $1,000 Scholarship

The Kaplan Group is pleased to announce that Janelle Graves has won our 4th annual $1,000 Scholarship!  Janelle is a Junior at Utah State University and is pursuing her degree in Accounting. We started our annual scholarship in 2014 in the hopes of encouraging today’s aspiring students to consider a career in the Credit Industry. … Read more

The Kaplan Group’s 3rd Annual $1,000 Scholarship Awarded

  We are excited to announce that The Kaplan Group’s 3rd Annual $1,000 Scholarship has been awarded to Audriana Rodriguez, a senior at Florida International University! Three years ago, The Kaplan Group, a commercial collection agency, created the annual scholarship hoping to encourage young students of today to consider pursuit of a career in the … Read more

The Kaplan Group Awards 2015 Annual $1,000 Scholarship

The Kaplan Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that the 2015 Kaplan Group Annual $1,000 Scholarship has been awarded to Pedro A. Rodriguez, a junior Business Management major at Miami Dade College. The scholarship was introduced in 2014 and was designed to promote career opportunities in commercial debt collections and credit management to young adults … Read more

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