We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have never had a complaint filed by a client.

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Of the thousands of collection agencies in the USA, we are proud to be one of less than 250 who are Collection Specialists certified by the International Association of Commercial Collectors.


Your service is really outstanding. I’ve used a couple of collection agencies in the past, but neither of them worked so fast and kept me informed the way you did. Very impressive!!!

Helen Muljadi, Microland Electronic Corporation, computer products distributor

I have total confidence in you…

Ed Dixon, Ameron International, specialty coatings manufacturer

All Right! Sometimes it takes a little legal muscle. Good job.

Kevin, EDI Express, trucking company

Miracles never cease…

Martha, book publisher

Thank you for knowing what to do when our customer tried to cheat us. I’m so glad you have an attorney on staff who could make this happen.

Sonia, health products manufacturer

Its funny that my customers will call me saying you are TOO demanding! The gall – when they wouldn’t pay me but now they are paying you. Great job!

Jim, computer products distributor

I had a root canal yesterday – and it wasn’t as hard as this one. Terrific work!

Dann, computer parts distributor

I’ve heard of reclamation before, but didn’t know how or when it was relevant. Thank you for getting the demand out today. I’ve never had service like this before.

Nancy, office supply distributor

Awesome job – I can’t believe how determined you folks are – very impressive.

Paul, data services

I was so upset when my she refused to pay. I really couldn’t afford to take that loss. I’m so grateful I found your firm on the web. Thank you for getting my money.

Elliott, toy importer

How nice are you, thank you very much. I received bank transfer by fax. I will inform you right after I receive money. Thanks again for your cooperation.

Than, overseas travel company

That report had me laughing out loud. I wish I could have seen his face when his mom called him and told him to pay up! Thanks for getting our money.

Wen-ting, electronics parts supplier

How did you figure out that he had stock he could sell to pay our bill? That was amazing!

Dave, consumer electronics distributor

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