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Tips for Successful Debt Collection by Phone and Email

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Some of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to collect on unpaid debt is communicating in an unprofessional, impolite, or potentially illegal manner. Being in debt and collecting debt can both be stressful situations and there are numerous laws around debt communications. Learning best practices for communicating with those who owe you money is Read full post >

What To Do When You Hear “That Employee Did Not Have The Authority To Sign That Contract”

We hear it all the time: “We are not going to pay those invoices because the person who signed the contract didn’t have authority.” Many go on to say: “It says right in our By-laws that only an officer can bind the company.” This tells us several things: The debtor does not want to pay; Read full post >

Mental Preparation For A Commercial Collection Call

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Elite athletes mentally visualize technique and success to improve actual performance. Our debt collectors use a very simple technique to get better results. Studies have shown that visualization improves awareness, mood, confidence and outcome. We’ve been using these techniques with dramatic success at The Kaplan Group for years. In house collectors typically have 2 objectives, Read full post >

Credit Analyst Shares Debt Collection Tip

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A discussion on LinkedIn regarding my recent article “Does Knowing the Truth Matter” prompted this comment from Kim Gelinskey, Credit and Collections Analyst for Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C. “I’ve learned you are more productive working through a problem than plowing through the issue.” This immediately struck a chord with me. I thought of all Read full post >

How to Separate Fact From Fiction

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Unfortunately, we know that many debtors will provide false or misleading information in order to make it harder to collect. A well-designed and executed strategy is necessary to get to the truth which is key for increasing collections and making good business decisions as discussed in this recent post “Does Knowing The Truth About a Read full post >

Basic Advice About Debt Collection

As every business owner knows, at some point the need for debt collection services (either by hiring a collection agency or having employees make collection calls during the work day) arises in every line of business. Customers stop paying, one of your clients is constantly late in making their payments, and other similar situations arise Read full post >

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