Risk & Reward: A Collection Agent’s Point of View

Risk and Reward are the two sides of almost every business deal. What are you risking if the deal doesn’t go well? What will you gain if it does go well? Does the reward justify the risk? In collections, we often have to weigh risk and reward and make similar calculations. When trying to decide … Read more

When Collections Require Legal Action

  It’s a general truism that no one wants to go to court, especially over financial issues. Even if you win a court case, you’ve still lost valuable time and money. Litigation costs more and takes longer than negotiating outside of court, and winning a judgment does not guarantee payment. However, usually the threat of … Read more

What Can You Do When A Customer Hides Behind An Attorney?

It is difficult for collection agencies to pierce the corporate veil

  At our commercial collection agency, we aren’t afraid to talk to attorneys. When we call a debtor and they tell us to talk to their attorney, our biggest fear is that the attorney will not actually talk to us. Once we are instructed to talk to a company’s attorney, we are no longer allowed … Read more

Understanding Collection Litigation

We strongly prefer to collect money owed to our clients without going to court.  In most situations, if the debtor is willing to voluntarily cooperate at any level, we can get our client’s money faster and less expensively than going to court.  But, when litigation is the best alternative and appropriate, we do not hesitate … Read more

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