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Commercial Debt Collection: The Kaplan Group Way

The Kaplan Group's debt collection efforts have a wide range of business experiencePeople like you who seek out The Kaplan Group work in a wide variety of industries in cities all around the nation. You share a common situation: one or more of your clients owes you money that you don’t want to write off. You’re also seeking answers to a common question:

How can you quickly collect the money you’re owed without stress, hassle and costly litigation?

You’ve probably made calls that have gone unreturned, sent e-mails that have been ignored and have been given the runaround or senseless excuses. You’re likely at your wit’s end.

That’s where we come in. We’re commercial collections specialists with an 85% success rate in recovering large viable debts.

The Commercial Debt Collection Process:

Before you call, you’ll probably want to know how much a professional debt collector will cost. Typically our fees range from 10 percent to 25 percent of the money we collect. If we don’t recover, you don’t pay — simple as that.


Give us a call, and we'll start collecting your unpaid invoices within 1 business dayGive us a call to discuss your situation. If your claim is qualified for our services, we will provide a written estimate. If we can’t help you, we will refer you to a well-suited colleague in the Kaplan Referral Network.

After an initial consultation, a seasoned debt collector will personally manage the case, calling upon our network of industry specialists for strategic counsel as needed. On average, our debt collectors have a decade or more of commercial collections experience.


The phone is our primary weapon in commercial debt collections.Your project lead will listen to your detailed side of the story and review your contract or sales agreement.

We will research the client or customer in question, including your documented correspondence before, during and after the transaction. Next, we will investigate the customer’s company to identify everyone within the chain of approval for accounts payable.

The Kaplan Group’s commercial debt collectors understand how businesses work because they worked in business prior to becoming debt collectors. This strategic advantage sets us apart from typical collection agencies. We understand the politics, logistics and pressures that are faced by the people who control the money we want to collect. We also fully understand contracts of all types, including sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, return merchandise authorizations, pricing discounts, sales tax laws, itemized freight and shipping charges, returns and return policies, and common general contract terms.


Our debt collection experts have years of experience in a wide variety of industriesNext, your team will customize a plan to recover your money. The Kaplan Group does not make specific tactics public to maintain our strategic advantage but we’ll fully explain our strategy to our clients before we execute the plan. We anticipate hearing the same excuses you may have heard right off the bat. We’ve heard it all before and have proven strategies to get beyond the excuses to the truth and beyond the truth to repayment.

The first step is yours. Call us today at 805-541-2639 to discuss your case. We can begin collecting your money as soon as tomorrow.

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