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What U.S. Businesses Need to Know about Canadian Bankruptcy

With e-commerce and the Internet, some of the barriers between international business no longer seem as difficult, especially when it comes to close neighbors like Canada and the United States. But, if you’re doing business with Canada, it’s important to know that there are different laws covering situations like unpaid invoices, collections and corporate bankruptcy. Read full post >

The 5 Cs and B2B Lending

Anytime you work for a company or ship a product before getting paid, you are extending credit to that company. That’s why, just like any lender, before you begin working with a new client or company you should review the 5 Cs of Credit. Character For individuals applying for a loan, “character” generally refers to Read full post >

Analysing Existing Customers To Avoid Debt Collection Needs

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With the economy continuing to struggle, it has become more important than ever for business owners to ensure the clients they extend credit to can be trusted to make good on payments. Credit analysis is incredibly important when considering extending credit to a new customer, but many businesses fail to perform similar periodic checks on Read full post >