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How To Win An Argument

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Arguments occur all too often, whether with a debtor who is disputing a debt, or a co-worker, manager, employee, or spouse. Anyone who is in an argument really wants to win. Frequently in an argument the parties get very emotional and winning is more important than the issue itself. More often than not, neither side actually Read full post >

How To Ask Questions.?! Two Simple Tips To Increased Success

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Here’s the premise: Good questions directly lead to greater success in life and career; Most people ask bad questions (myself included). We are constantly solving problems on the job, including making the sale.  We need to collect information to solve these problems. How we ask questions greatly influences the answers and our eventual success.  Better Read full post >

What To Do When You Hear “That Employee Did Not Have The Authority To Sign That Contract”

We hear it all the time: “We are not going to pay those invoices because the person who signed the contract didn’t have authority.” Many go on to say: “It says right in our By-laws that only an officer can bind the company.” This tells us several things: The debtor does not want to pay; Read full post >

This Credit Application Language Can Help With Delinquent Accounts

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Getting permission to run personal credit reports on B2B Credit Applications can lead to payments during difficult times At our commercial collection agency, we often encounter business owners who claim their company’s financial condition is terrible and they can’t pay anything or can make only small payments. It is difficult to verify this information on Read full post >

Basic Strategies To Promote Debt Collection Success

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Learning to effectively collect debts, whether commercial (business-to-business) or consumer (debts owed by individuals) requires patience and diligence. The best debt collectors have honed their skills over years, learning what strategies tend to push debtors towards making payments. For new debt collectors who haven’t yet had time to develop their collection techniques, however, there are Read full post >