Success Rate

Debt Collection Success Rate on Viable* Claims

Our success, which is YOUR success, is based on our people. No other agency has the caliber of professionals that you will find at The Kaplan Group. This enables outstanding collection results.

The numbers don't lie - our debt collectors have the knowledge and skills to recover your money

Industry Success Rate Statistics

The Commercial Law League of America compiles information annually on the actual collectability of accounts based on age. The industry success rate falls to 50% at only 7 months past due. The likelihood of a write-off increases more than 1% each week from the first day an account is past due.

Likelihood Of Write-Off Based On Age

Don't wait to act on a past-due account. Call our debt collection team today and recover your money!

What makes us different?

Each collector has at least 10 years of experience. We have extensive business and negotiation experience as senior executives of multiple companies and consultants to hundreds of others in a wide variety industries. That knowledge and wisdom results in a dramatically higher success rate in collecting your money.

*We can’t turn lead into gold or squeeze blood from a turnip. So, if the business is closed, insolvent, judgment-proof or if there is a valid dispute or fraud by the debtor, our chances of collecting are much lower and these claims are not included when calculating our success rate on “viable” claims.

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