Collection Agencies

Not all collection agencies are the same. The Kaplan Group only does commercial collections and has:

  • An 85% success rate
  • Unrivaled expertise in large claims
  • A+ rating with Better Business Bureau
  • Competitive contingency rates (no fee unless we collect)
  • In house attorney
  • Industry recognition as experts
  • 21 years of providing superior service

There are literally thousands of collection agencies in the United States. Many are simply one man shops started by unemployed accounts receivable clerks. These tiny collection agencies typically are not experts at commercial collections. They do not have the business experience to understand the real reasons for business debt or to figure out how to manipulate the situation to get the business to pay. They simply write letters and make phone calls demanding payment and hope this works.

Other collection agencies are huge. They collect all types of debt: credit card, mortgage, apartment rent, medical bills, insurance bills, bounced checks to grocery stores, phone bills, etc. and also commercial collections. These debt collection agencies will have buildings full of cubicles occupied by $12 an hour tele-collectors reading scripts scrolling across a computer screen. Computerized predictive dialers get debtors on the phone which are handed off to tele-collectors who have no knowledge of the situation except the amount owed and the date of the last payment. The debt collectors do not take the time to understand the business they are calling, the nature of the debt, the reason for nonpayment, or the personality of the business owner. They simply demand money, which is far less effective than a professional approach.

There are many collection agencies the same size as The Kaplan Group. But we know of no commercial collection agency that has debt collectors with the business and professional experience that we have. Just ask their collectors:

  • do they have prior experience owning and running companies;
  • do they have experience negotiating mergers and acquisitions, intellectual-property licenses, and cross border joint ventures;
  • do they get asked to provide training programs for credit managers on bad debt and collections;
  • do they get hired as consultants to travel internationally to negotiate transactions or resolve disputes;
  • do they have MBAs from top five schools;
  • do they use all of this experience to provide superior business debt collection results;
  • do they use a custom approach on each claim to maximize recovery?

Clearly the largest collection agencies cannot have debt collectors with this level of experience and ability. The Kaplan Group is a boutique commercial collection agency specializing in large commercial debts.

We have several clients whose revenue exceeds $1 billion annually. We handle all of their claims of all sizes. We also accept new clients who only have one claim. The first claim must be at least $10,000 and the average claim size must be at least $5,000.

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