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2020-09-03 – Dean Kaplan, President of The Kaplan Group, Selected to the Forbes Finance Council

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Taylor: A sneak peek of my new Netflix series ‘The Walking Debt’
San Antonio Express-News – 2020-10-07

Kaplan’s experience as a telecommunications entrepreneur, as well as an owner of a manufacturing company, leads him to view debt negotiations “not as a collections approach but as a business problem to be solved.”

Five Strategies to Manage Debt When You’ve Lost Revenue
Forbes – 2020-09-24

You may have loans you took out in better times that now seem unpayable. Or, you may owe money to vendors. Fortunately, managing your debt when you’ve lost revenue is difficult, but doable.

Your Credit Card Limit Can Be Lowered Without Warning – What to Do if This Happens 
Fox Business – 2020-05-29

During financial emergencies, the spending limit on your existing credit card could be reduced. Creditors also pay attention to a declining credit score (bad credit), poor credit history or unemployment.

Can You Flee Your Debt by Fleeing the Country?
Opp Loans Blog – 2020-04-22

Most debts won’t follow you to another country, but staying one step ahead of your creditors might be a lot harder than you think.

Three Ways to Collect on Unpaid Invoices
CEO Blog Nation – 2020-03-05

Unpaid invoices can be a huge drain on your time, energy and cashflow, putting your company at risk. These three methods will help you streamline the collections process, making it much less annoying in the process.

What Happens When You Hire a Collection Agency for Your Small Business?
AllBusiness – 2020-02-28

You have an overdue invoice and a client who won’t pay. The client is either not taking your calls anymore or you’re getting a lot of excuses. It may be time to call in a collection agency.

Five Financial Mistake New Entrepreneurs Make
Jumpstart – 2020-02-24

As a business owner and commercial collection agent, I have had a front row seat to the failure of way too many businesses. Over and over again, I see five mistakes that new entrepreneurs make.

How to Win at the Salary Negotiation Table – 2020-02-13

They say money talks, and for the majority of job candidates, salary is the number one factor when it comes to considering an offer. 

3 Ways a Credit Application Can Help Your Startup’s Cash Flow
Startup Nation – 2020-02-06

Most people hate chasing money. Poor cash flow is a common reason for business failure, and unpaid invoices are a huge cause for terrible cash flow. 

What To Do When a Client Ghosts You
Highlight Story – 2020-01-09

When you first started calling about the unpaid invoice, your contact probably answered the phone, apologized and promised to look into it. After the next couple of calls though, your client stopped answering and stopped returning your calls. So now what?

Do Cloud Pros Really Need to Negotiate?
Cloud Post – 2020-01-07

What’s the No. 1 skillset that you need as a cloud professional? It might surprise you to hear that, for many, it isn’t cloud computing or deployments or cloud governance, it’s negotiation skills. 

Protecting Your Data Center from Fraud
Data Center Post – 2020-01-03

Data centers are judged by their ability to keep clients’ information and systems safe and secure. Almost anyone who works within a data center has to be familiar with security protocols. 

What Every Good Credit Application Should Include – 2019-11-21

Learn how a credit application can help you screen new clients and protect your cashflow.

Small Businesses Fall Prey to Non-Exsisting Dummy Companies
Small Business Digest – 2019-11-13

A surprising number of businesses fall prey to fraud by doing transactions with non-existent companies. This fraud allows non-existent, or otherwise fraudulent businesses, to establish credit. These firms then dupe unwary small businesses.

Business Contracts – Default Provisions and Why You Need Them
Small Business Resources  – 2019-11-05

Unpaid invoices are one of the biggest threats to the health of a small business. If your customers don’t pay their bills, you can’t pay yours and you can’t invest in marketing or business improvements.

Should You Send Your SaaS Client to Collections?
IT Toolkit  – 2019-10-31

Is it time to call in a collection agency? When faced with stopped or late payments, the question can strike fear in the heart of independent contractors and business owners alike. But, the question can be especially troubling for those with SaaS clients.

5 Tips for Collecting on Bad Checks
Business Game Changer  – 2019-10-05

While a $20 check written at a major grocery store chain won’t cause a lot of havoc to the chain’s bottom line, a $300 check written to an independent antique dealer can be deadly. How can business owners reduce some of the pain of bad checks?

How to Hire a Collection Agency
Money Inc.  – 2019-08-01

It’s difficult to know when to send a past-due account to a collection agency. Businesses often delay sending accounts to collections out of a fear that it means the end of the customer relationship or a concern that it will be too expensive. 

How to Be a Successful Debt Collector
TekConnect Blog  – 2019-07-01

Here are some suggestions made by Dean Kaplan of The Kaplan Group that will help encourage success in the business of collecting debts for clients.

Mastering Negotiation Skills Can Benefit Engineers
Institute of Industral and Systems Engineers Magazine  – 2019-06-13

Engineers tend to be both highly intelligent and master problem-solvers, but some can struggle to navigate the complicated, interpersonal dilemmas presented by high-stakes negotiations.

Making a Deal: Negotiating in the Technology Field
CIO Story – 2019-05-15

Generally speaking, c-suite executives are experienced negotiators. They’re familiar with negotiating new hires, real estate deals and sales contracts. 

How to Handle Your Auto Payments So You Don’t Wind Up in Court
VAR Insights  – 2019-04-01

Everyone knows vendors prefer auto renewal contracts, in part because they provide a steady cash flow and income stream, as well as keep vendors from having to undergo repeated sales cycles.

Can You Use Social Media to Collect on Bad Debt?
Money Inc. – 2019-03-25

We’ve all seen examples of problems being solved thanks to social media. We’ve also seen businesses forced to change their ways because of social media campaigns.

C-Level Execs Share the Best Career Advice They Wish They Had Had Early in Their Careers
Ivy Exec – 2019-03-20

Hindsight is 20/20 they say, and that’s certainly true of careers. Here’s a round-up of insights from C-level executives about the things they wished they had known earlier.

4 Negotiation Strategies to Help Your Sales Process
Sales and Marketing Management – 2019-01-14

One thing many businesses with collection issues have in common is that they focus too strongly on making a sale, and not strongly enough on improving their sales process. 

Ways to Leverage Storytelling in Customer Service Negotiations
Smart Customer Service – 2019-01-07

As a collection agent, most of my job is heavily focused on negotiations, and a majority of those negotiations are all about the numbers. 

Four Strategies to Help Freight Brokerages Get Paid
MH&L News (Material Handling & Logistics) – 2019-01-01

Freight brokers need to plan ahead, avoid mistakes and consider alternative methods to get paid faster to avoid using up their cash reserves.

4 Strategies To Manage SaaS Customer Payment Issues
Software Business Growth – 2018-12-07

Many SaaS companies operate with limited working capital or cash-in-hand. This can cause cash flow problems, especially in the early years of business. 

4 negotiation strategies for managing difficult retail customers
Retail Customer Experience – 2018-11-29

Difficult customers can cause stress for employees, damage to the bottom line, and thanks to social media, harm to the reputation of your business.

Turning Contact Centre Agents Into Storytellers
Call Centre Helper – 2018-10-16

Dean Kaplan shares his secret to building a better emotional connection between agents and customers: storytelling.

Here’s How to Get to Yes Faster When You Make an Offer
Talent Management and HR (TLNT) – 2018-10-15

Hiring the right people at the right time can make or break a business. Unfortunately, most businesses wait to hire until it’s almost too late. 

Five strategies to sharpen leader negotiation skills
Training Journal – 2018-09-24

Being able to negotiate conflicts is one of the most useful skills a leader can have. Here are my five strategies for sharpening your negotiation skills.

4 Ways for Home Business Owners to Collect Debt
Home Business Magazine – 2018-08-02

Very few people start their home-based business because they dream of spending hours chasing down people and businesses who owe them money.

Confessions of a Debt Collector
Yahoo Finance – 2018-06-21

If a business has debt and doesn’t pay, a debt collection agency will be on the hunt to track the money down. That’s where Dean Kaplan comes in. 

Get Stronger
Manufacturing North America – 2018-06-07

Dean Kaplan suggests four ways to strengthen global manufacturer-supplier relationships.

Can You Flee Your Debt by Fleeing the Country?
OppLoans – 2018-08

Most debts won’t follow you to another country, but staying one step ahead of your creditors might be a lot harder than you think.

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