Credit Management eBooks

We believe vendors should get paid for every valid invoice. Our decades of experience in B2B collections has given us a unique insight into common mistakes that make receivables harder to collect. We’ve taken these insights and created a series of eBooks for business owners, CFO’s, credit managers and accounts receivable professionals to help minimize future problems. We define important terms, include sample contracts and forms, and provide key tips help you avoid bad debt. If you ever do have an unpaid invoice, we hope you will call us so we can maximize the likelihood of recovering your lost revenue.

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The Credit Application Handbook

  • Covers important terms to include in your application
  • Includes 40-item checklist to evaluate your current ap
  • 20+ Word versions of sample applications

The Business Credit Report Survey

  • Sample Reports From 7 Different Report Providers
  • Comparison Pricing Matrix
  • Subscription prices from 3 cents per report

Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis

  • Introduces and explains each financial statement
  • Demonstrates use of 30+ ratios
  • Explains trend analysis interpretation

The Personal Guaranty Handbook

  • Explains the importance of getting a personal guaranty
  • Provides advice for getting more guarantees signed
  • Includes samples guarantees to customize for your company

The Terms and Conditions Handbook

  • Outlines important legal terms to protect your business
  • Provides examples of standard contract provisions
  • Includes customizable MS Word versions of sample contracts

How To Make Receivables Harder To Collect

  • Identifies business policies that cause payment delays
  • Provides 40+ tips to reduce write-offs and bad debt
  • Includes advice on choosing a collection agency

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