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4 More Reasons Why Hiring a Commercial Collections Agency Is Better for Your Business

  Is hiring a commercial collection agency truly better for your business? Undoubtedly the answer is yes. It frees you from the hassle of having to collect from your delinquent debtors, allowing you to focus on what’s more important– your business. But hiring a commercial collections agency can offer you more than just convenience. Doing Read full post >

What Can “FlashBoys” Teach Us About Credit and Collections?

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Michael Lewis’s latest bestseller ‘Flash Boys, A Wall Street Revolt’ is a non-fiction tale of Wall Street intrigue, unfairness, and salvation.  The story itself has nothing to do with credit and collections, and yet it highlights the traits that make some people great at managing credit risk or successful debt collection when things go wrong. Read full post >

Why Should You Chase Your Customers Before the Maturity Date of Your Invoices?

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Article by:  Bertrand Mazuir Any commercial relationship based on mutual commitments shared between the seller and the buyer. The buyer undertakes to pay the price of the service or equipment delivered on the date specified in the contract and invoices. However, he frequently has a high propensity to forget, at least temporarily, this commitment. Several Read full post >

Using A Collection Agency To Preserve Customer Relationships

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A Credit Manager’s Creative Way of Saving Customers Want to see a salesperson squirm with displeasure: just tell them the account for a long-term customer is being sent to a collection agency.  The salesperson has visions of rogue debt collectors badgering their customer with threats of bad credit references, legal suits, judgments and garnishments, caring Read full post >