Should You Sue Your Customer? [Infographic]

Unfortunately, the alternative of going to court needs to be considered in many of the claims placed with our collection agency.

Typically, debt collection litigation is not that expensive since the debt collection attorneys we use work on a contingency basis.

However, it can be a lengthy process and there is no guaranty of success, which we define as actually collecting, not just winning the lawsuit.

We have two five minute videos that explain debt collection litigation and the judgment collection process.  We highly recommend people watch these videos or read the transcripts on these pages if they are considering initiating debt collection litigation or using debt collection attorneys.

We carefully evaluate all options and explain them to our clients when debt collection litigation has to be considered.  When litigation is the only option, we believe that evaluating the potential return on investment is the key criteria for our clients to consider.  Many factors go into this equation.  The infographic below shows the many items we take into consideration when evaluating the likelihood of successfully collecting a potential lawsuit.

Should You Sue Your Customer?

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