Easy Techniques to Prevent Being a Victim of Business Fraud

You might normally think of victims of business fraud as clueless consumers duped by a devious salespeople. However, business fraud exists at all levels, and many victims are actually other businesses. A surprising number of businesses fall prey to fraud, allowing non-existent, or otherwise fraudulent businesses, to establish lines of credit. It is almost always … Read more

CPN Fraud – Don’t be a Victim

Article by:  Kathryn Brown What You Need to Know About Credit Profile Number and Synthetic ID Fraud There are numerous fraud schemes out there – if there is money to made, there is going to be fraud of one kind or another. One type of fraud that is becoming more prevalent is Credit Profile Number … Read more

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It is difficult for collection agencies to pierce the corporate veil

One of the simplest ways to detect potential fraud is to confirm certain information provided on a credit application using easy, free resources on the Internet. As a commercial collection agency, we regularly get claims where this has not been done and we discover that the information provided was either misleading or outright fraud. In … Read more

Is A New Potential Customer Trying To Defraud You?

As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, credit fraud is a fairly significant problem for many businesses across the country. A customer will place a large order with no intent to pay for it, and unless your credit department is diligent in their credit analysis of potential customers, you may be left with a large … Read more

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