Large Claims

While our commercial collection agency takes claims of all sizes (average claim size must be $5,000 or more), we are recognized experts on large claims. When you are owed $25,000, $50,000, $200,000 or over $1 million, it typically is not a basic collection matter. And the amount owed to you is much more important to you than a smaller claim.

Our principals have a unique set of experience and education that gives us a huge advantage over most other debt collectors.  Our principals know what it is like to be a small business owner and entrepreneur, as we have been involved with dozens of small and start-up companies as founder, buyer, owner, hired executive management, director or senior advisor.  The knowledge we have gained from these experiences allows us to identify, search for, understand, and relate to a myriad of issues the small business owner may be facing when they have unpaid bills.  We use this capability to probe and get the business owner talking, thereby allowing us to understand the personality of the owner and what is really happening at the business.  This understanding is key to arriving at a successful resolution of the matter.  It allows us to determine what type of solution is viable and then develop a debt collection strategy to get the debtor to agree on an approach to solving the problem.


Our principals also have experience working with billion dollar organizations in management consulting, deal-making, and litigation roles.  We understand from the inside how these businesses function and how to get things done.  We understand the mind-set of executives at this level, the issues that concern them, how to reach them and how to motivate them to resolve debt collection issues.  We know how to negotiate with them and we know the difference between their negotiation tactics and real issues that affect their ability to pay.  We understand the internal process and the typical types of people at different levels within the organization.  This allows us to navigate through the appropriate channels and ‘push the right buttons’ to get attention to the debt collection problem and action to get it resolved.

From our consulting and operating experience, our principals have inside knowledge of how hundreds of different types of companies from virtually all industries actually work.  This insight allows us to spot misleading comments, ask insightful questions, build a relationship with the debtor and help them see a path to resolution.

Our principals have a unique set of negotiation, deal-making, and litigation skills.  We have negotiated over $500 million in transactions, from mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint-ventures, licensing agreements, debt and equity financings, and public offerings while also negotiating and closing hundreds of standard business deals.  Our in-house attorney was associate general counsel in charge of world-wide litigation for a major public entertainment company. We have traveled to dozens of different countries on business, giving us insights into different cultures and different methods of resolving problems.

We earn the respect of $700 an hour attorneys and their Fortune 500 clients while simultaneously knowing how to deal with the local attorney and their clients. We know how to read contracts, as we have negotiated and reviewed thousands of these during our decades of executive management, consulting, and debt collection experience.  We know how the courts interpret contracts – we know the little details to look for that impact disputes and validity.  We know how to frame language from contracts to our client’s benefit during debt collection activities.


Our principals have college educations and graduate degrees from top-five universities in both business and law.  They have a fundamental set of knowledge that is rare in the debt collection world, and the experience to know that their analytical ability is equal to the best minds in the business world. Most of the larger claims we receive are not simple debt collection matters.  We find they typically require much greater skill in determining what the real issues are, the personalities of the people involved, the potential viable solutions, and the negotiating strategy and tactics to arrive at one of these solutions. This is explained in detail in our video and transcript on large claims.  Our principals are great debt collectors – this has been proven over the years with our extremely high success rate. Our experience outside of debt collections has been instrumental in achieving this success.

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