International Clients

One of our main commercial collection agency practice areas is helping foreign based companies collect debts owed by U.S. based companies. We use our extensive international business experience (we have traveled to over 40 countries to provide consulting, negotiation and litigation services) in these typically large and difficult debt collection matters. We understand international trade.

We have experience using foreign based service providers with our consulting clients and our other entrepreneurial endeavors. We have firsthand experience of what it takes to make these relationships work well and the occasional pitfalls. This experience is invaluable when there are disputes or complaints. We use this understanding to get debtors to provide more details about their issues. We know how to get them to understand their role in the issues that have arisen. This is important, as they know that if it came to being in front of a judge, this responsibility would become clear and weigh in our client’s favor. We also need to convince them that our foreign-based client is prepared to go to court, using our contingency based debt collection attorneys, if we can’t find a viable alternative. We typically do this in a non-threatening way so we can maintain our self-stated position as problem solvers, yet this pressure is critical in getting these debtors to deal with the situation in an acceptable manner.

Having an in-house law firm is another key advantage. If necessary, we can escalate the matter from our collection agency to collecting under the name of our in house law firm. There is no incremental cost for this service and the contingency rates stay the same. However, debtors typically view this escalation to mean that litigation is imminent and this often motivates them to make a serious offer in order to avoid going to court. We resolve 98% of our debt collection cases without litigation.

Our international clients appreciate the extensive reporting on each debt collection claim.  We carefully explain all the information that we gather and how it impacts the potential results.  We give clients options in negotiating strategy along with our assessment of the odds of these working and the likelihood of various outcomes.  We realize how difficult it is for clients to rely on someone they have never met, working thousands of miles away, to help them resolve important matters, and we make every effort to provide regular communication as well as detailed information and analysis to give clients comfort in the decisions that have to be made.

We are thankful that the Internet makes it much easier for prospective clients to review our record before having to put trust in our firm and people.  Whether it is Google reviewsBetter Business Bureau ratingsTrustlink reviewsLinkedIn profiles, or general searches on the Internet, prospective international clients can check us out thoroughly before engaging our services.  We provide a detailed explanation of how to do this in our comprehensive guide on How To Select A Collection Agency in the Evaluating a Collection Agency’s Reputation section.

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