Resource Center for Credit Professionals

These resources will help you minimize bad debt expense and increase your professional knowledge. When you do have an unpaid invoice, call the collection agency that has an 85% success rate on large viable claims. We’ll maximize the likelihood of recovering your lost revenue.


Other Resources

How To Select A Collection Agency is the most comprehensive guide available anywhere. Instead of the typical one page article with a handful of items to consider, this is a 15 page guide with in-depth commentary and “how to” advice for determining what type of agency is best for your needs and then evaluating potential candidates.  Also includes a downloadable checklist.

Why You Should Hire A Collection Agency provides historical statistics on average collectability based on the age of the outstanding debt. We also have several Kaplan Group articles discussing different reasons for hiring a collection agency, some of which initially were published in leading credit and collection publications.

Referral List for 100+ Other Resources provides information on organizations offering valuable services for credit management, collection agency and debt collection professionals.

Should You Sue Your Customer? discusses the use of debt collection attorneys for collection litigation.  It includes a graphic that describes the items to consider in evaluating the potential return on investment from litigation and whether you should proceed or not given the resulting analysis.  We also have two videos and transcripts describing the collection litigation process and judgment collection.

Preventing Credit Fraud:  Learn how to identify probable fraud in only a few minutes using 6 free on-line resources.  Companies can prevent experiencing huge losses following these simple procedures.

Advice For In-House Credit and Collections Departments  has detailed information on over 25 topics to assist credit department professionals with issues they face.  We cover many of the topics that would be part of a company’s credit policies and provide advice for improving internal operations, such as strategic plans, ethics, maximizing collection productivity, and creating internal customer satisfaction.  Many topics are covered in depth with 4 to 7 articles.

Frequently Asked Questions covers many of the most common questions we get when potential clients call us on the phone to discuss their situation and our services.

Educational Programs provides a list and short summary of almost one dozen programs that The Kaplan Group has conducted for Credit Management Groups sponsored by Riemer Reporting Service, NACM, D&B and other gatherings of financial professionals.  Please contact us if your group would be interested in having one of these topics presented at your credit group meeting.

Debt Collector Job Descriptions Advice on writing a debt collector job description for companies collecting past-due invoices and collection agencies collecting from consumer or business customers. Includes 40 sample job descriptions for 4 unique categories of debt collection.

Business Bankruptcy Statistics Standard approaches to analyzing business bankruptcy statistics miss the point. See our analysis to understand if bankruptcy risk is higher or lower in the states where you do business.

Warning Signs of Business Collection Problems: Learn to spot these red flags to know when a customer is in financial trouble. Often times your sales or service teams will be in a better position to spot these problems than your finance or credit teams, so this isn’t just a back office concern.

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