ABH Replaces ABC (Always be Helping – not Closing)

  For decades, a common sales mantra was to “Always Be Closing.”  The Internet and social media have made this an outdated and potentially dangerous approach. Always Be Helping is the updated mantra, and it applies not only to sales, but credit and debt collections, as well as professional and personal interactions. ABC meant that … Read more

Customer Selling Their Business – Beware!

If your customer is selling their business this could signal debt collection issues in the making

  All too often, when a small business is up for sale, the net result for many of their vendors is bad debt expense.  If you hear that one of your customers is selling their business it’s time to be very careful with outstanding receivables and new orders. WHY WOULD THEY SELL THEIR BUSINESS? If … Read more

Using Habits to Make Life Better

According to a study at Duke University, 40% of our actions are out of habit, not actual decisions. If all your habits are good, this makes life much easier. But, if you are like me and have some bad habits, this statistic helps explain why changing the Habit Loop is so difficult. This is what … Read more

Simple Productivity Tip Can Make A Huge Impact

Last week I read an article on LinkedIn on how to be more productive.  I’m always looking to learn and try new things.  The one productivity tip that resonated the most for me was this: Before you go home today, write down the top 6 things you want to accomplish tomorrow; Cross out the bottom 5; … Read more

Basic Advice About Debt Collection

As every business owner knows, at some point the need for debt collection services (either by hiring a collection agency or having employees make collection calls during the work day) arises in every line of business. Customers stop paying, one of your clients is constantly late in making their payments, and other similar situations arise … Read more

Differences Between Commercial And Consumer Collections

When a business decides it is time to hire a collection agency, finding the debt collector that can do the job right can be stressful and confusing.The first step in this process requires a business owner to decide between contracting a consumer debt collection agency or a commercial collector. Without an understanding of the difference … Read more

Five Reasons Debt Collection Agencies Work

As every business owner understands, dealing with customers that don’t pay their bills can be one of the most frustrating experiences of doing business. When customers do everything in their power to avoid paying their debts, sometimes it makes more sense to hire the services of a debt collection agency to convince the debtors to … Read more

Debt Collection Tips For Small Businesses

A recent blog post by The Business Finance Store offers tips for small business owners who are having issues with clients not paying for goods and services provided. The post advises small business owners to follow five steps in order to best resolve the issue and collect the money owed. Face the problem head-on and … Read more

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