When Unpaid Invoices Force You to Fire a Client

Posted: Sep 20

  In our last blog post we talked about how to make sure you get paid even after you fire a client. For the most part we focused on what happens when you terminate the relationship because they are no longer a good fit for your company. Another common reason for termination is that the Read full post >

Getting Paid When You Fire A Client

Posted: Sep 13

  Just like newlyweds who never imagine divorce, when you first start a relationship with a new client you probably don’t expect to one day be firing him or her. But, it happens and just like with divorce, hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and embarrassment can often get in the way of legalities. Every situation is different, Read full post >

The Kaplan Group’s 3rd Annual $1,000 Scholarship Awarded

Posted: Aug 26

  We are excited to announce that The Kaplan Group’s 3rd Annual $1,000 Scholarship has been awarded to Audriana Rodriguez, a senior at Florida International University! Three years ago, The Kaplan Group, a commercial collection agency, created the annual scholarship hoping to encourage young students of today to consider pursuit of a career in the Read full post >

Warning Signs of Business Collection Problems

Posted: Feb 9

There are typically signs beforehand that a customer is in financial trouble. Your entire organization should be trained to spot these red flags long before those customers hit 90 days past due. Often times your sales or service teams will be in a better position to spot these problems than your finance or credit teams, so this Read full post >

New Response To “You’ll Get Paid When I Get Paid”

Posted: Nov 18

  One of the most common excuses we hear in B2B debt collection is a business is struggling to collect from its customers and therefore can’t pay its vendors. Typically the business owner will commit to paying when they get paid, but the problem has been going on for months and there is no end Read full post >

Red Flags Of Potential Collection Problems

Posted: Oct 14

  Every business owner has experienced the pain of a late or non paying customer. The Commercial Law League of America research shows that as soon as an invoice goes delinquent, the chance of successfully collecting declines by more than 1% per week. If an invoice is 90 days past due, the chance of collecting Read full post >

Distributor Reduces DSO By 30%, Freeing Up $1.7 Million

Posted: Sep 15

Airtech Corporation is an Arkansas based distributor of HVAC equipment with annual revenue of $35 million.  Despite giving net 30 terms, their average days sales outstanding (DSO) was running at 60 days.  Management recognized there was a significant problem and with changes in technology and procedures was able to reduce DSO to 42 days and Read full post >

The Kaplan Group Awards 2015 Annual $1,000 Scholarship

Posted: Aug 27

The Kaplan Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that the 2015 Kaplan Group Annual $1,000 Scholarship has been awarded to Pedro A. Rodriguez, a junior Business Management major at Miami Dade College. The scholarship was introduced in 2014 and was designed to promote career opportunities in commercial debt collections and credit management to young adults Read full post >

Facial Recognition for Sales Pros and Skip-Tracers

Posted: Jul 7

  The website how-old.net can take any picture of a person you upload and estimate the person’s age.  I uploaded two different photos of myself, taken 6 years apart, and it correctly guessed my age both times.  Try it yourself – it’s free. What is also amazing about this technology is that 2 developers put Read full post >

Spending 3 Cents Could Have Prevented $30,000 Write-Off

Posted: Jun 9

  We recently were contacted by a prospective client who was owed over $30,000 for a consulting project.  They had a solid contract with their customer and proof that they had performed the work.  They had written acceptance of the work product from their customer and a written promise to pay.  But six months had Read full post >