Why Lose Money When a Collection Agency Can Help

As a company that deals strictly with other companies, you are faced with the occasional client who for one reason or another does not pay their bill. If a simple phone call gets them to pay up, you are doing good and are not losing money. However, when they don’t pay after repeated attempts to … Read more

Why Choose Us as Your Collections Agency

You will find that most businesses who find themselves in need of help from a professional collections agency often find themselves wondering which agency they should choose. When you need to find and agency that specializes commercial debt collections, you will find that we employ a staff of highly skilled agents and legal experts. To … Read more

Do You Need to Hire a Collection Agency?

While you might rightly think that being in a business that deals only with other businesses, you should never have to worry about collecting on your invoices. After all shouldn’t the other business be just as aware of how important getting paid is to you, since it is to them? Unfortunately, you are going to … Read more

Collections Agents at the Kaplan Group

Are you familiar with the Kaplan Group? If not, then you should be, especially if you have the need for a commercial collector. Our collections agents are professional and trained to work in the commercial collection arena. Our agents have real world business experience, so there isn’t much that they cannot accomplish. Our team is … Read more

Ready To Collect Your Money?