Financial Statement Analysis For Credit Professionals

Determining the credit limit for customers is a difficult task.  One factor is to analyze the customer’s financial statements to understand their profitability, financial strength, and liquidity.  We have created a comprehensive resource for credit professionals that includes the following:

Videos and transcripts explaining of the 3 financial statements (e.g. income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement).

Videos and transcripts explaining how to analyze the financial statements, including sample calculations of key ratios and how to interpret the results;

Free downloadable ebook which includes:

  • Transcript of the videos
  • Over 25 images explaining terms on financial statements and how to calculate ratios
  • Definitions of over 30 terms and ratios
  • Explanation of key ratios for credit limit analysis

Free downloadable excel spreadsheet that will calculate the key ratios when you populate the spreadsheet with information from your customer’s financial statements.

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