Fake Debt Collectors Scam Debtors Into Paying Debts

An article posted recently called Fake collectors are trying to scare you into paying debts you don’t owe explains the rise in recent years of fake debt collectors attempting to scare Americans into paying debts they don’t owe. Just this year, federal authorities shut down two fake debt collection scams based in California, claiming they somehow gained access to loan application information for payday loans debtors applied for online and used that information to threaten and frighten debtors into making payments on their accounts. However, the payments they made weren’t ever credited towards the bill as the “debt collectors” had no affiliation with the credit institutions which issued the loans. Scams like these make it very important for debtors to be wary of any debt collector that makes threats or is otherwise abusive, as this may be a sign that they aren’t actually authorized to collect on the debt. This doesn’t mean debtors should ignore debt collectors, but they should be wary of who they make payments to. Professional and reputable collection agencies, like The Kaplan Group, never make threats to debtors or otherwise harass them in efforts to collect debts. We here have found that legal and ethical collection efforts are normally far more effective than abusive debt collection tactics.

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Here’s a brief description of the article:
Companies committing fraud can be very sophisticated in their scams and in their disappearing acts. Professional debt collectors are trained to sniff out debtors even when they have quietly left the scene of the crime. This is the fifth article in a series of six articles about the business of fraud. This article will focus on companies claiming to be part of a bigger entity and companies pretending to be a well known company you have heard of.

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