How to Make Receivables Harder to Collect

Posted: Feb 3

We don’t know anyone who actually wants to make it harder to collect invoices, but we frequently encounter situations where businesses do just that. This week’s blog highlights six common problems from our eBook, How to Make Receivables Harder to Collect.  The eBook has 47 tips on how to reduce delinquencies and write-offs and avoid the need for collection agency services. #12 Read full post >

Free Fraud Detection Resources

Posted: Jan 27

One of the simplest ways to detect potential fraud is to confirm certain information provided on a credit application using easy, free resources on the Internet. As a commercial collection agency, we regularly get claims where this has not been done and we discover that the information provided was either misleading or outright fraud. In Read full post >

This Credit Application Language Can Help With Delinquent Accounts

Posted: Jan 13

Getting permission to run personal credit reports on B2B Credit Applications can lead to payments during difficult times At our commercial collection agency, we often encounter business owners who claim their company’s financial condition is terrible and they can’t pay anything or can make only small payments. It is difficult to verify this information on Read full post >

Mental Preparation For A Commercial Collection Call

Posted: Jan 6

Elite athletes mentally visualize technique and success to improve actual performance. Our debt collectors use a very simple technique to get better results. Studies have shown that visualization improves awareness, mood, confidence and outcome. We’ve been using these techniques with dramatic success at The Kaplan Group for years. In house collectors typically have 2 objectives, Read full post >

Trucking Company Turns Collections Into Profit Center

Posted: Dec 30

At our collection agency, we have a client who uses a provision in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (“CFR”) to collect significantly more than the original balance due on accounts sent to collections. As an example, we collected over $22,000 on freight bills that were only $11,000 if they had been paid on time. Read full post >

Small Payment to Determine Integrity

Posted: Dec 23

  It is frustrating, or worse, when a business customer does not pay their first open invoice on time. Perhaps something just happened at the customer’s business after the credit decision was made that has resulted in cash flow problems. But, there is also the concern that this is just a ‘bad apple’ that was Read full post >

What Can You Do When A Customer Hides Behind An Attorney?

Posted: Dec 16

  At our commercial collection agency, we aren’t afraid to talk to attorneys. When we call a debtor and they tell us to talk to their attorney, our biggest fear is that the attorney will not actually talk to us. Once we are instructed to talk to a company’s attorney, we are no longer allowed Read full post >

Why We Can’t Collect From A Defunct Company

Posted: Dec 9

  The chances of collecting on an invoice due from a company that has ceased operating are very slim. If the business was organized as a corporation or LLC (limited liability company) then only the business entity itself is liable for outstanding invoices. If there are no assets remaining in the entity then the entity Read full post >

Piercing The Corporate Veil To Create Personal Liability on Business Debts

Posted: Dec 2

  This article has been updated since originally published in CreditToday with new input from attorneys and other credit professionals. We received numerous comments via CreditToday, InsideARM and LinkedIn that has been incorporated into this revised edition. We frequently get asked by new clients about piercing the corporate veil on owner-operated companies that go out Read full post >