Is Your Credit Application Costing You Money?

The credit application is the initial document used by vendors to collect information and establish credit and contractual terms with a customer. Unfortunately, most credit applications we see are missing critical items to protect our clients in the event that their customer does not pay within terms. Some of the most painful issues our collection … Read more

What to do when you expose a liar?

In my last article, I talked about methods for determining if your non-paying customer is giving you a truthful explanation of their situation. Unfortunately, all too often we catch someone purposefully misleading us or telling an outright lie. What you do next can have a big impact on your debt collection success. We’ve all been … Read more

Accretive Agrees to $2.5m Fine

In a recent article, The Bulletin of Oregon reported that Accretive Health has agreed to a $2.5 million settlement of allegations that the company violated a law which requires hospitals to provide emergency care to patients even if they cannot afford to pay for it. Accretive, which recently gained infamy after the Minnesota Attorney General … Read more

Collection Agency Sued For Breaching FDCPA

According to a recent article, a debt collection agency in Ohio is being sued for failing to inform a debtor that the caller was representing a collection agency during a voicemail left for the man. According to the man’s suit, by failing to disclose the fact that a debt collector was calling, the agency breached … Read more

Tips For Dealing With Problem Customers

An article was posted lately on FundingGates giving some simple advice to help deal with four specific types of problem customers. For motivating the “absent-minded” customer, who always forgets to make their payments by the due date, the author suggests sending regular reminders to these clients. For example, a simple letter reminding the customer that … Read more

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