Debt Collection of Large Claims

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Thank you for your interest in our collection agency services. We have been providing superior debt collection services since 1991.  This presentation discusses our expertise for collecting large claims.

We specialize in larger claims which often are more complex or involve disputes.  These take a much higher level of skill to complete successfully.  We start by getting the debtor to talk, which in itself can take great skill and effort.  Then we listen carefully.  If we determine it is a straight forward collection matter, we immediately adopt a strategy to get as much money as fast as possible.  But, if they go into a story about dispute or complaints, we encourage them to explain every detail about their side of the story.  People like to be heard.  And we like to know where the strengths and weaknesses are in solving this matter.  We use our knowledge about how different businesses work and our experience with thousands of disputes to show understanding of their situation, but also to be able to probe with insightful yet innocuous questions.  We work to get an understanding of the personalities we are dealing with.  And then we start to turn the tables, typically in the form of questions instead of statements.  Using this approach, debtors are less defensive and listen better, and  yet we achieve our goal:  they understand the need to pay, the strength of our position, and the adverse consequences if they don’t cooperate with us.

Dean Kaplan personally handles all large collection matters.  Mr. Kaplan has an MBA from the University of Chicago.  He has been negotiating business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, supply and sales agreements, and licensing deals for 30 years.  He has been a senior executive at many companies in operating, financial and strategic roles.  He has provided consulting services to hundreds of companies.  Mr. Kaplan has extensive international experience and is an expert at solving problems and getting deals done.  He uses all this experience to obtain an understanding of the debtor’s situation, develop a negotiation strategy, and then maneuver the situation to a successful conclusion.

One of the other keys to our success is quality control.  Every claim gets reviewed by one of the agency owners every month.  The owners are available at all times to discuss claims with collectors or clients.  Clients can rest assured that the benefit of our education and experience is applied to every claim we receive, and this is reflected in our success rate.

Thank you for your interest in our services.  The next video in our series describes our collection litigation services.  Our contract and claim placement form will be sent to you automatically by emailing us at inquiry@kgaction or filling out the “Request A Quote” form on this page.   If you have any questions, include them with the email or quote form or give us a call.

We look forward to collecting your money!

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