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Thank you for your interest in our commercial collection agency services. We have been providing superior debt collection services since 1991. In this presentation we provide a general overview of our company, services and prices.

There is no fee unless we collect. Our Contingency rates are very competitive.
We specialize in larger claims, with an 85% success rate on claims over $10,000 owed by a company that is still in business.

We collect all over the U.S. and represent both domestic and international clients
With our agency, you get two full collection efforts for the same contingency rate. First we will collect as an agency. If that doesn’t work, we start threatening to send the file to the attorney, which most people interpret as a threat to go to court. We then will do a second full, non-judicial collection effort under the name of our in house law firm with no incremental cost to our clients.

Our superior collection success is a direct result of our superior collectors, methods and effort. Our collectors each have at least 10 years of experience. They are highly educated and many have advanced degrees. We use a custom approach on all claims, which our collectors can implement successfully given their experience and education.

Our contingency rates are extremely competitive. While we specialize in larger claims, we take claims of all sizes from our regular clients, as long as the average claim size exceeds $2,000. We are not the right agency for you if all of your claims are under $1,000. We are a small agency and we focus on quality service, not quantity of claims.

We are a commercial collection agency, so we only collect from businesses and anyone who has personal liability for a business debt.

We do not collect debts that are due from individual consumers.

We do a better job than other agencies on commercial debts because that is all we do. Our staff is highly trained in this type of collection which is very different from collection agencies that collect from individual consumers.

We specialize in large claims. These take a much higher level of skill and negotiation strategy to complete successfully. Often this is more about solving a business problem then simply a collection matter. This is not something that should be trusted to a typical debt collector. You want someone on your team who has more business experience, more knowledge, better analytical capability and superior negotiating skills than the debtor.

Dean Kaplan personally handles all large collection matters. Mr. Kaplan has an MBA from the University of Chicago. He has been negotiating business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, supply and sales agreements, and licensing deals for 30 years. He has been a senior executive at many companies in operating, financial and strategic roles. Mr. Kaplan has extensive international experience and is an expert at solving problems and getting deals done.

We remit collections to clients monthly along with our summary report, which is augmented by individual reports during the month as appropriate. We have an A+ rating with the better business bureau. You can find excellent client reviews of our firm at independent review sites such as Trustlink. We are members of the International Association of Commercial Collectors.

We are acknowledged by our peers and clients as experts. We have held executive positions with the Commercial Collectors Association and the Commercial Law League of America’s Collectors Association. We are frequent speakers at industry events providing educational programs. We have authored numerous articles for industry magazines.

The sooner we start the sooner you’ll have your money. Contact us today and we will be collecting by tomorrow.
Thank you for your interest in our services. If you would like more information, please check out our other videos, visit our website, or give us a call. You can get our contract and claim placement form by emailing us at or visiting our website.

We look forward to collecting your money!

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