We Specialize in Large Commercial Collection Claims

No Recovery, No Fee

Contingency Rates:

Over $500,000 10%
$50,000 to $500,000 15%
$5,000 to $50,000 20%
$1,000 to $5,000 25%
Under $1,000 50%
International 30%

Nationwide Service. We are a collection agency with an in-house law firm.

We are THE BEST in the Industry at collecting on LARGE commercial claims:

Dean Kaplan personally handles all large claims:

  • MBA from University of Chicago (top 5 school);
  • 25 years of business and negotiating experience;
  • Extensive experience negotiating mergers and acquisitions – closed dozens of deals with total value in excess of $1 billion;
  • Widely recognized collection industry expert. Frequent speaker at industry conferences. Published several articles for industry periodicals;
  • More than 2 dozen international trips to negotiate joint-ventures, strategic partnerships, business deals and M&A;
  • Senior executive at several technology companies.

Our in house law firm performs a second collection effort at the same contingency rates. Our in house attorney was Associate General Counsel for Turner Broadcasting System responsible for all litigation prior to joining our firm.

Talk to Dean Kaplan: 805-541-2733

Email Dean: dkaplan@kaplancollectionagency.com

Request our 1-page contract and claim placement form: admin@kaplancollectionagency.com or 805-541-2639.

We are a full-service commercial collection agency. We collect on claims of all sizes, with a dedicated, experienced staff for smaller claims. We have several clients with annual revenues in excess of $1 billion and new claims every month, and other clients who are small and have only 1 problem to be solved. We only collect on business to business debt (e.g. we do not collect on money owed by individuals unless it is a personal guaranty of a business debt).

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