Placing A Claim For Debt Collection

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Transcript for the video:

Thank you for your interest in our collection agency services. We have been providing superior debt collection services since 1991. This presentation explains how to place a claim with our collection agency.
Our 1 page contract, written in plain English, confirms that we are working for you on a contingency basis, with no fee due unless we collect. The rates for claims of various sizes is spelled out in the contract. Other terms and conditions are also covered, such as when we will be sending you the money we collect.

The one page claim placement form describes the information collection agencies like to have on a claim. We need all the contact information you have on a debtor, including names, titles, phone numbers, cell numbers, email addresses, home phones and addresses, etc.

We will also need proof of the debt and the amount owed. This could simply be a statement listing the outstanding invoices. If it is only one invoice, then that is what we need. If there is a contract underlying the debt, which is often the case when services were rendered, we would like to have a copy of that. If you have a personal guaranty, a credit application, a promissory note, or a bounced check, we need copies.

If the debtor has told you why they are not paying we would like you to share that information. If this is in emails, we would like copies. It is very useful for us to review the emails that show any commitments to pay, any broken promises, descriptions of disputes, or other statements that you customer has made. The more information we have about the history of the account, the more effective we can be with our initial contacts. Think of it this way. Your customer already knows their version of the history on this account. Do you want us talking to them with only minimal background, so they can weave a maze of stories and excuses and try to run us in circles? Or, do you want us fully informed, so we can spot inconsistencies, fabrications, new information, etc. and then use this to our advantage in the collection process?

You can send this information to us via email, fax, or mail. We typically respond within 1 business day to acknowledge receipt of the information. We’ll let you know if we have any questions as we set the account up for our debt collectors, and we typically start on a new claim within 1 day of having all the necessary information to proceed.

To get a copy of our 1 page contract and our 1 page claim placement form, you can send an email to, go to our website and fill out the “request a Quote form” on the site, or call us at 805-541-2639 and we’ll send it to you. The Inquiry email and the quote form are set up to give you an automated response via email that will include these forms. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner you will have your money!

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