How Will The Collection Agency Report Its Progress And Debt Collections To You?

Client reporting is a critical service component.

  • Small Businesses: this is the owner’s money and they want to know what is going on.
  • Large Companies: the credit staff needsto be able to:
    • answer to management at any time on any case.
    • keep their internal information systems up to date
    • have accurate financial information for all claims submitted

  • All reputable collection agencies do regular reportingto their clients.
    • Reporting typically includes 24/7 online access.
    • Monthly status reports are sent digitally or by mail
    • Standard reports typically only provide summary information
    • For clients with a large number of claims, many collection agencies, including The Kaplan Group, will customize the standard reports for each client’s specific needs

At The Kaplan Group, we deal with larger claims that frequently are the subject of extensive research and negotiation. Standard, summary reports may not be sufficient to meet our client’s basic information needs. We provide detailed reports by email on individual claims so clients can participate in the decision making process on how to proceed with the debt collection strategy and negotiation. We keep all reports on one claim within one email thread so the entire history of a claim is readily available for review at any point in the process, which often is very important as negotiations reach the final stage. This also makes it easy for client’s to share information internally on an as needed basis.

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