Checklist for Selecting a Collection Agency

Here is a checklist of all the items discussed in our article How To Select A Collection Agency.  This checklist is available in this downloadable Excel spreadsheet.  We recognize that we are not the right collection agency for all potential clients.  We’ll help you find the right agency, even if it is not us, if you explain your requirements. Either fill out the Request A Quote form, or fill out the excel spreadsheet and email it to us and we will respond with our recommendations.

Good luck – if you are on this page it is time for you to take action and get some help collecting the money that is owed to you.

Download Excel File

Size of Agency

Small _________
Medium _________
Large _________

Type of Collector
Automated or Defined Approach _________
Specialist or Custom Approach _________

Who are you collecting from?
Business — Commercial Collections _________
Consumer — Retail Collections _________
Both _________

Type of Debt — Specialized
Credit Card _________
Education _________
Insurance _________
Medical _________
Rent or HOA _________
Funeral/Deceased _________
Government _________
Utilities _________

Agency Reputation
BBB _________
Trustmark _________
Google Reviews _________
LinkedIn Profiles _________ _________
Standard Internet Search _________

Other Reputation Considerations
Years in Business _________
Industry memberships _________
Client Testimonials _________
Articles published by agency _________
Management involvement in industry trade organizations _________
References _________

Collection Philosophy
Professional yet firm _________
Forceful and intimidating _________

Collection Process
Rigid _________
Flexible _________
Standardized _________
Custom _________

Management Oversight? _________

Debt Collectors Qualified? _________

Charges for Services
Flat fee _________
Flat Contingency Fee _________
Tiered Contingency Fee _________

Client Reporting
24/7 Online Access _________
Monthly Status Reports _________
Standard Reports _________
Custom Reports _________

Written contract prior to collection?
Easy to Understand _________
Rates and Charges explained _________
No unexpected obligations _________
Terms for termination included _________
Terms for withdrawing a claim included _________

Is Agency Bonded? _________

Is Agency Licensed? _________

Credit Reporting offered? _________

Ready To Collect Your Money?