Evaluating Collection Agency Success – Management Oversight of Collections

How does collection agency management oversees the debt collection process for

  • Effectiveness
  • Quality control

Management oversight for a standardized debt collections process could include:

  • Recording every call
  • Monitoring calls — deviations from the script are typically discussed and minimized
  • Statistics are calculated to help the agency evaluate overall patterns
  • No real attention is paid to individual claims

Management oversight for a flexible debt collection process could include:

  • The collector’s overall effectiveness and effort on a claim
  • Evaluation of the entire “custom” process
  • Any new ideas which are identified throughout the debt collections process such as:
    • Contacting the debtor
    • Researching the claim
    • Collection or negotiation tactics to be used
    • Overall debt collection strategy
    • Client communication

If you care about each of your claims, then you want to know how they will provide personal management attention to each:

  • Does the agency actually evaluate individual claims?
  • What is the management process for evaluating an individual claim?
  • How often is each claim reviewed?
  • What is the process for ensuring review suggestions are implemented?

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