Claims Against Consumers and Small B2B Claims

While we don’t han­dle claims against indi­vid­u­als and small B2B claims (unless they are for clients who mostly have larger claims), we reg­u­larly get asked if we can pro­vide a referral to other collections agencies. We can!  We currently have several collections agencies that we refer prospective clients to.  They are all members of the ACA (American Collectors Association).  They range from small (2 to 10 collectors) to mid-range (10 to 75 debt collectors).  Their fees are competitive, and in many cases they have specialties or services that we can optimally match to a creditor’s needs.

Here’s a quick profile on some of the collection agencies.  If you would like us to recommend a collection agency or two based on your needs, please fill out the Request A Quote Form and provide enough detail so we can match you to the right one.  Or, if one of the debt collectors sounds right to you, just mention that in the form and we’ll give you the contact information.

Specialty:  Medical:  This agency has 13 collectors and 50% of their work is medical collections.  Also collect for utilities and governmental agencies and B2B.  Offers Pre-Collection services.  Does not take single-claim placements.

Specialty: Funeral Services:  Small Agency (3 debt collectors) led by owner who has 15 years experience with specialty collecting for funeral homes as well as standard consumer claims.  They also offer a “Financial Wellness” program to debtors who have multiple problems – they help debtors negotiate with other creditors, freeing up funds to satisfy their collection agency client.  Rates based on age of account.

Specialty:  Single Placements:  Small agency (2 collectors) with long history.  Takes claims of all sizes and types, including single placements.

Specialty – Pre-Collection Program:  Mid-size collection agency – 60 people total.  They have a pre-collection program that costs $5 to $20 fixed price per claim.  Appropriate for companies that regularly have collection issues.  They also have regular contingency based debt collection services, but the 50% contingency rate is high for claims over $1,000 compared with other agencies.

Specialty:  Extended Business Outsourcing and A/R Management Services to physician offices and hospitals.  Not a true debt collector, but helps medical entities with AR management.

Specialty:  Mid-West consumer collections with Personal Touch. 10 collectors.

Specialty:  Medical in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Mid-size agency.  State laws are very strict and they understand them well.

Specialty:  Everything but medical.  This mid-size agency (70 collectors) handles consumer and commercial debt collection.  Will take larger single placements, but otherwise prefers receiving multiple claims.


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