Commercial Debt Collection Services


Our primary efforts are focused on repeated direct telephone contacts with a senior executive of the debtor. This is supplemented with letters, fax and email communication, and whenever necessary or possible, direct contact in the debtor’s locale. We use a number of investigative techniques and resources to learn as much as possible about the debtor, and use this information to increase the pressure on the debtor to pay your account.

Most troubled companies do not have resources to pay everyone, so typically they pay vendors who are applying the most pressure. We believe the continuous, escalating professional application of pressure and consistent pursuit is the key to effective collections. Early identification and timely placement of accounts also have a significant impact on collectability as typically troubled companies cash-flow continue to worsen long before it improves.

Clients can place claims online, via fax, and by mail.

In-house counsel

If collection efforts by The Kaplan Group have not achieved the desired results, accounts are then ‘placed’ with in house law office. This creates significant additional pressure on the debtor when they hear from an attorney, and this unique feature of our agency has proven to be a valuable feature in our collection process. There is no increased cost for our clients for the use of these services.

In addition, certain complex collection efforts commence directly with the Law Offices rather than the collection agency. Our attorney also manages all attorney forwarding and litigation matters.

Legal Outsourcing

There are times when no amount of pressure and effort short of litigation can achieve payment. When litigation is required, our in house law firm forwards the matter to local attorneys who are bonded and specialists in collection matters, and then oversees the litigation. The ability of in-house counsel to work with the local attorney, including careful oversight and strategy collaboration assures the best results possible for our clients.

Large Claims

Large claims, which we categorize as $10,000 to $1 million, generally require much greater analysis and strategy to be successfully collected. Astute financial analysis, legal positioning, and development and execution of negotiation strategy are required to maximize recovery. At The Kaplan Group, large claims are our specialty and our extensive, unique experience is reflected in our high rate of success in these matters.

Free Final Demand

We provide a Free Final Demand which warns the customer that they have one last chance to pay their bill before the matter is placed for collection with The Kaplan Group. The knowledge that their account is about to go to a collection agency frequently motivates customers to make payment. Typically customers are given 10 days to respond to the final demand, after which The Kaplan Group commences collection efforts. There is no charge to you for using our Free Final Demand service and no fee is due to us for payments made during the final demand period. Free Final Demands can be requested online, via fax, or by mail.

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