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Extending credit to business customers is similar to lending money.  When banks lend, they look at the consumer or business credit history to help determine if they should make the loan.

Businesses should also investigate a customer’s credit before agreeing to sell products or services on terms.  In addition to checking trade and bank references provided on a credit application, it is very easy and inexpensive to run a credit report.

These reports contain credit scores, payment history, recommended credit limits, outstanding liens and judgments and credit risk assessments.  In this ebook, you get:

  • Seven providers of USA business credit reports
  • Sample reports from each provider
  • Comparison pricing matrix
  • Subscriptions with reports for as little as 3 cents each
  • Non-subscription buy on-demand prices from $8 to $188

Avoid bad debt by checking your customer’s credit before you do business.  At our commercial collection agency, we hate to see our clients have preventable write-offs.

Getting a credit report is one way to minimize the need for our B2B debt collection services.

Business Credit Report Survey - Free eBook

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