Debt Collectors And Fraudulent Companies

This is a six arti­cle series focus­ing on procedures for attempting to collect from fraudulent companies. Arti­cles cover top­ics such as the types of fraud, red flags that indicate a fraudulent creditor, identifying fraudulent companies, and other sim­i­lar sub­jects. Below are links to each of the arti­cles as well as a short descrip­tion of each.

Article 1: This article focuses on the different types of business fraud.

Article 2: This article explains red flags and indicators that a potential customer may be fraudulent.

Article 3: This article focuses on identifying a fraudulent company from their financial statements.

Article 4: This article explains how suspicious locations may indicate a fraudulent business, as well as an explanation of the Unsolicited Order Scam

Article 5: This article focuses on dealing with businesses who pretend to be part of a well-known organization to gain credibility.

Article 6: This article explains bankruptcy fraud and red flags vendors should look for when reviewing new potential customers

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