Debt Collection Attorney

The Kaplan Group has an in-house debt collection attorney. Our attorney advises our debt collectors on changes in commercial collection law as well as the intricacies of contract law. This can be extremely valuable if the debtor disputes the amount claimed by our client.

As an experienced debt collection attorney, he can advise on the strength of a client’s case if the matter were to go to court. He can lay out for our debt collectors a point by point legal argument in favor of our client’s position. The debt collector can then honestly say to a debtor “I have reviewed this matter with a very experienced debt collection attorney. The attorney has pointed out the following…” and then use language and concepts that make it clear to the debtor that a debt collection attorney has reviewed the file. This typically has a significant impact on the debtor, as it exposes the weaknesses in their excuses and makes it clear that we will get an attorney involved if necessary.

Another advantage to having a debt collection attorney on staff is that he can advise our clients if there are any weaknesses in their position. This can have a significant impact on whether our client should consider accepting a discount from the original balance because of a possible weakness. There is no charge to our clients for this expert advice.

If we are not able to collect under the name The Kaplan Group, then we will perform another complete debt collection effort under the name of our in house law firm at no extra or incremental charge. We get the same contingency rate whether we collect under the name of our collection agency or in-house law firm. Of course, the debtor’s do not know that it is an in-house law firm, any escalation to a debt collection attorney often is enough to start generating payments.

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