Collection Litigation Information

We resolve over 97% of our successful cases without going to court.

We do not hesitate to recommend litigation when we believe that is the right business decision.

Litigation costs more and takes longer than most negotiated resolutions which is why we work so hard to collect without going to court.

We win 99.9% of our lawsuits.

Getting a judgment does not guaranty you get paid.  Our historical judgment collection success rate is about 70%.

Our in-house law firm does not sue.  Instead, we do a full second collection effort under the name of our in-house law firm at the same contingency rate (10% to 25%) we charge when collecting under our agency name. Debtors believe that litigation is imminent when they hear from our in-house law firm and that often helps us achieve a negotiated resolution that is better than litigation.

We have a nationwide network of attorneys who will sue on a contingency basis.  It can cost as little as $300 to as much as $4,000 to file a lawsuit and the contingency rate is typically 30% to 35% including the attorney and The Kaplan Group (the 30% to 35% is the total rate, NOT on top of the contingency rate we initially quoted for collecting without litigation).  The contingency rate applies only to amounts collected, regardless of the amount of the judgment.  It takes 4 to 20 months to get a judgment and then we can start court ordered judgment collection efforts if the debtor does not voluntarily pay.

Please see our Litigation Terms and Conditions which apply to every case we file and watch these videos (or read the transcripts) on Collection Litigation and Judgment Collection to get a general overview.

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