Corpra Care, Inc.

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Company Name Corpra Care, Inc.
Collectors 10-100
City Located In Houston
State Located In Texas
Year Founded 1990
Phone (281) 556-1472
Email for Customer Inquiries
Who Do You Collect From? Individuals
Do You Collect Judgments? No
Do You Collect Medical Debts? Medical Debts Only
Minimum Number of Claims Accepted 1
Minimum Size of Claims Accepted Under $100
Memberships IAAC
Describe Your Contingency Rates Early-out self pay 7-16% Insurance follow-up 5-10% Management of payment arrangement accounts 10-15% Bad debt 15-40% Please be advised that the fees must be described in ranges. They are honed in by: Provider type Project Age Volume and account breakdown
States In Which You Collect TX
Specialties Medical

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