Commercial Debt Collection Programs

We are frequent presenters at credit group meetings sponsored by Riemer Reporting Service, NACM, D&B and other gatherings of financial professionals. These programs are available for your credit groups and internal training at client facilities. Below is a list of recent and upcoming programs.

Bad Debt Reserves
Dun & Bradstreet Advisory Council – Phoenix, October 2002
National Computer Distributors Group – Las Vegas, June 2004

Enron, World Com, Tyco – What were they good for?
NACM Arkansas – Little Rock, December 2002
Computer Components Group – Reno, June 2004

Credit Applications – Improve your rights when things go wrong
National Footwear Group – Las Vegas, February 2003
Music & Sound Group – Napa, June 2004

Dealing with Debt Restructuring Firms
Western Region Floor Distributors – Palm Springs, June 2003

Introductory Financial Statement Analysis
Bell Microproducts, Inc. September 2002
Fujitsu-ten/Eclispse, Los Angeles, March 2002
National Computer Distributors Group – Phoenix, October 2003

Intermediate Financial Statement Analysis
ASI – Los Angeles, April 2003
National Security Group – Las Vegas, March 2004

Escheatment – Your Hidden Liability
National Audio Manufacturers – Las Vegas, January 2004

How to Increase Collections
National Soccer Distributors – New Orleans, April 2003
Ventura County Economic Development Agency, Thousand Oaks, Sept. 2003
Connecticut NACM – Berlin, March 2004

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