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For twenty-five years, The Kaplan Group collection agency has been helping businesses collect delinquent receivables.  Our staff is uniquely qualified through education, experience and training so we can use a custom approach on each claim.  This results in our 85% success rate on large viable claims.



There is no fee unless we collect.

Contingency rates range from 10% to 25%.

We are Philadelphia’s large commercial claims experts

We produce an 85% success rate on large viable claims.


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Our Mission

Twenty-five years ago The Kaplan Group was founded with one primary mission:  collect the money owed for every valid invoice.  We work every claim until we get you paid or we determine that your customer is no longer operational.  We have an outstanding success rate of 85% on large viable claims, making us the collection agency you should hire if you want to get paid.  Why are we so successful?  There are lots of reasons, including:

1. We develop a collection strategy that is specific to the circumstances of the debtor. To do this, we research the claim and truly understand your customer and the claim before we make any contact with the debtor.  We customize our strategy rather than using a canned auto-dialer or letter series approach.  As we proceed with the collection effort, we adjust the strategy to fit the results.  This maximizes our chances of success.

2. We use professionals to collect your money rather than overseas call centers or script reading collectors who haven’t been trained to think on their feet. Our debt collectors have extensive business experience working as consultants, executives and managers in widely varied industries and have negotiated over $500 million transactions in the USA and abroad.  Many hold advanced degrees including MBAs and JDs.  These qualifications and experiences are the key to our exceptional 85% success rate on viable large claims.

3. If our initial collect effort doesn’t result in payment, we turn the claim over to our in house attorney who performs a full second collection effort for the same competitive contingency rate. We solve over 97% of our claims without having to go to court. We do have an extensive network of collection attorneys throughout the USA who can step in and handle court cases on a contingency basis if litigation is the only way to get paid.

The bottom line is that you can trust The Kaplan Group to assist you with all your commercial collection needs.  We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and many of our clients have honored us with 5 star ratings online.

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We Understand Business in Philadelphia

The economy of Philadelphia ranks seventh largest in USA and is home to seven Fortune 1000 companies.  Along with information technology, other dominant industries in the area include:  financial services, tourism, oil refining, health care, biotechnology, manufacturing and food processing.  Because our principals have worked at small, medium and large companies prior to The Kaplan Group, they are uniquely adept at working through the maze of the large corporate bureaucracy or getting to the owner operator of a small company.   In addition, we understand the diverse nature of Philadelphia’s economy and we can put our vast experience base to work in all the other industries located there as well.  We tailor our collection strategy to each specific collection situation, and our 85% success rate is the result.  Give us a call for a free quote and let us get started on collecting your past due invoices.  You won’t be sorry.

Company president Dean Kaplan was a management consultant at KPMG for eight years. During his tenure, he helped hundreds of companies with business plans, mergers, acquisitions and valuations. He owned, operated and dramatically grew a manufacturing business and has been a CFO for several technology companies.

kaplancollectionagency Anne Kaplan was Associate General Counsel for Turner Broadcasting (TNT & TBS) and West Coast Counsel for the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).

Jerry Kaplan has been a commercial debt collection expert for over 4 decadesJerry Kaplan co-founded a bank and a bankruptcy preference defense company in addition to Kaplan & Kaplan, one of the largest commercial collection agencies in the country when he sold it in 1989.


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After many failed attempts at collecting payment from a difficult client, I did some research on the web and found The Kaplan Group was top rated in collecting payments. Not only were they able to receive the payment from client, they kept us informed at every stage of the process and always replied promptly to emails requesting information. They were fantastic and I would absolutely use them again, if the situation arose.

– Josh Diamond

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Philadelphia, PA

Collection Agency Tips for Philadelphia Businesses

We all want to be paid on time.  A very effective way to get paid promptly is to issue the invoice as soon as the product has been shipped or the service performed.  The sooner your customer receives the invoice, the sooner payment can be processed and scheduled.  Too often, companies are slow to send the invoice and the customer finds it impossible to process the payment within the terms stated on the invoice, creating an unnecessary delinquency issue.  Another way to improve your chances of getting paid on time is to ensure that your invoices are correct, worded properly and complete.  Many companies have set requirements on how their invoices must be formatted in order to get paid.  Do the research upfront and make your invoices compliant with your customer’s payment system.  You won’t be sorry.

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