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Nashville businesses have been hiring The Kaplan Group to help resolve their debt collection issues since 1991.  Our professionals apply their outstanding business and negotiation experience to every collection effort, leading to our 85% success rate on large viable claims.


There is no fee unless we collect.

Contingency rates range from 10% to 25%.

We are Nashville’s large commercial claims experts

We produce an 85% success rate on large viable claims.


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Our Mission

For twenty-five years, our mission has been the same:  your company should receive payment for every valid invoice you issue.  For every claim we receive, we work it consistently until it gets paid or we determine your customer has gone belly up.

When you become our client, you know that you have qualified US professionals working on your behalf, never overseas call centers.  We develop a customized commercial collection strategy for every claim we receive, and we never employ script reading collectors, letter series or auto dialers.

Our highly skilled debt collectors coupled with our unique and time-tested collection techniques have resulted in our 85% success rate on large claims where the debtor is operational.  Many of our professionals have earned advanced degrees including JDs and MBAs and have worked as executives and negotiators here in the USA and abroad.  In total, they have completed over $500 million in acquisitions, mergers and licensing deals for service, manufacturing, media and technology companies.

The Kaplan Group works on a contingency base.  This means that you pay nothing to us unless we get you paid.  Our contingency rates are highly competitive.  If our initial collection agency effort isn’t successful we turn the claim over to our in house law firm and a second full collection effort is done under the name of the law firm for the same competitive contingency rate.  We successfully collect over 97% of our claims without ever pursuing litigation.  In those rare situations when legal action is required, we have an extensive network of attorneys all over the USA to handle your case on a contingency basis.

Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and numerous 5 star online reviews tell the story of why our clients keep coming back when they need help getting paid.  Our collection agency is licensed throughout the USA and we have partners all over the world.  Let us help you get your money.  Fill out our quick and easy Request a Free Consultation formor call us to discuss the specifics of your situation.

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We Understand Business in Nashville

While Nashville may be known to many as the home of country music, the driving force behind the city’s economy is the health care industry. Over three hundred health care companies call the city home, providing approximately 200,000 jobs in the area. Other major industries in town include insurance and finance, making Nashville an important business hub in the eastern US.

The Kaplan Group is uniquely qualified to work your claims in Nashville because our principals have extensive experience working in both the health care and financial industries.  Our unparalleled success rate is due to our experience base as well as our custom approach to each claim that we work.  We know how to work through the bureaucracy at huge corporations and we are entrepreneurs so we can relate and communicate with other entrepreneurs, allowing us to recover your money no matter the size of the business.  We’ve been around for 25 years and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Let us put our expertise to work for you.  Call us for a free consultation today and let us get your money!

Company president Dean Kaplan was a management consultant at KPMG for eight years. During his tenure, he helped hundreds of companies with business plans, mergers, acquisitions and valuations. He owned, operated and dramatically grew a manufacturing business and has been a CFO for several technology companies.

kaplancollectionagency Anne Kaplan was Associate General Counsel for Turner Broadcasting (TNT & TBS) and West Coast Counsel for the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).

Jerry Kaplan has been a commercial debt collection expert for over 4 decadesJerry Kaplan co-founded a bank and a bankruptcy preference defense company in addition to Kaplan & Kaplan, one of the largest commercial collection agencies in the country when he sold it in 1989.


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After having unpleasant encounters with several other collection agencies, we were apprehensive to even start with a new one. In a short while, The Kaplan Group has done more than the other agencies combined. Not only was this company fast, but also very effective. We have closed several cases with the help of The Kaplan Group that were delinquent for quite some time. Very satisfied clients.

– Chelsea McGinnis

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Collection Agency Tips for Nashville Businesses

If you want to avoid late or non-payment of your invoices, have your sales representatives clearly explain the specifics of the payment commitment the customer is agreeing to with your company at the time of the sale.  The key is to make sure that the customer clearly understands the exact terms of the sale including when the payment is due.  For extra protection, make every customer sign something that details your terms and late payment consequences.  Once you have this agreement in writing, the customer will be hard pressed to claim that they did not understand when the payment was expected or how payment was to be received.  In addition, if a non-payment issue should arise, your chances of a quick resolution are much better.

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