Agencies List

List of Collection Agencies

We have several collection agencies we can refer you to if we are not the right agency for you.  A description of some of these agencies is listed on this page Claims Against Consumers and Small B2B Claims.  Or, fill out the Request A Quote form, tell us about your debt collection need, and we’ll refer one or more agencies to you if your needs to not fit with our expertise on larger commercial claims.

One of the best lists of collection agencies is on the website Debt Consolidation Care. This company actually advises debtors on how to negotiate against collection agencies and how to minimize debt. Another list of collection agencies has been compiled by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions. This is a list of collection agencies that are registered with the state of Arizona to provide retail collections in compliance with the FDCPA. Since The Kaplan Group is not a retail collection agency and only does business debt collection, we are not on this list.

The most prestigious list of collection agencies is maintained by the IACC – the International Association of Commercial Collectors. The Kaplan Group is proud to be included on this list.

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