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Kansas City companies have been hiring The Kaplan Group for twenty-five years for superior commercial collection assistance.  Our collectors have collectively held high-level positions at technology, service and manufacturing companies to name just a few.  This experience base coupled with our unique and effective collection techniques has resulted in our 85% success rate on large viable claims.  Call us and let’s get started getting your past due invoices paid!


There is no fee unless we collect.

Contingency rates range from 10% to 25%.

We are Kansas City’s large commercial claims experts

We produce an 85% success rate on large viable claims.


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Our Mission

Our corporate mission has not changed since we started our business in 1991:  collect what is owed for every valid invoice generated by our clients.  We go after what is owed until either payment is received or we determine that your customer is out of business and the owner is not personally liable for the debt.

Our professionals are exceptional because we hire the best of the best.  We have applied our exceptional negotiation and business skills to fine-tune our collection techniques which has led to our 85% success rate on large viable claims.  We can offer very competitive contingency rates (10% – 25%) because of our consistently high collection success.

The Kaplan Group never has and never will employ overseas call centers, auto dialers, letter series or script reading collectors.  Our professionals hold college degrees and have demonstrated their collection and negotiation expertise in prior work experiences.  When we receive your claim, we take the time to study the situation and truly understand why your customer isn’t paying what is owed.  Using our experience base and the specifics of the claim, we then come up with a collection strategy for the claim that will maximize our chances of successfully collecting

If the initial effort to collect is not successful, the claim is turned over to our in-house attorney who does a complete second collection effort, for no additional charge.  You get two collection efforts for the price of one!  We are proud to say that we collect on over 97% of our successful claims without having to litigate.  If going to court is the only way to get your money, we work with a large network of collection attorneys across the USA that also work on a contingency basis, and we manage the claim even during the litigation.

Our satisfied clients have rewarded us with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating as well as many 5 star ratings online.  We are excited to become your trusted debt collection partner.  Give us a call or fill out our simple Get a Free Quote form so that we can get started today!

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We Understand Business in Kansas City

Kansas City’s largest industry is the Federal government with more than 146 agencies located in the city.  Other significant industries contributing to the economy include automotive, pharmaceutical manufacturing, agriculture, and law.  The varied backgrounds of our professionals as well as their superior negotiating skills make The Kaplan Group particularly well suited to collecting in Kansas City and across America.  Over our twenty-five-year history, we have developed a collection method that is highly effective no matter the size of the debtor or the amount owed.  If you are serious about getting paid, then fill out our simple Get a Free Quote form or give us a call to talk about your situation.

Company president Dean Kaplan was a management consultant at KPMG for eight years. During his tenure, he helped hundreds of companies with business plans, mergers, acquisitions and valuations. He owned, operated and dramatically grew a manufacturing business and has been a CFO for several technology companies.

kaplancollectionagency Anne Kaplan was Associate General Counsel for Turner Broadcasting (TNT & TBS) and West Coast Counsel for the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).

Jerry Kaplan has been a commercial debt collection expert for over 4 decadesJerry Kaplan co-founded a bank and a bankruptcy preference defense company in addition to Kaplan & Kaplan, one of the largest commercial collection agencies in the country when he sold it in 1989.


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Worked with this company and they were absolutely fantastic. They recovered expeditiously the monies owed to us in a very professional capacity. They communicated regularly what was transpiring and I would highly recommend them to take care of you. Their fees for recovery were extremely reasonable and fair. Very impressed and happy with the whole experience. It took away the stress I had been encountering. Very happy customer.

– Jane Kilpatrick

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Collection Agency Tips for Kansas City Businesses

If you want to make your delinquent accounts more collectible, then add a personal guaranty to your credit application.  Even though some of your customers may not agree to sign a personal guaranty, it is a good idea to ask for one.  Customers who are unwilling to guaranty payment for future orders may cross out the term on your credit application or they may refuse to sign the credit application if the term is included.  Payment is never guaranteed even if you have a signed personal guaranty in place; however, there are advantages to having one:

1. The guarantor is on the hook for payment in addition to the company.

2. If your customer’s business fails, the guarantor may still be able to pay you what is owed.

3. The guarantor will place a higher payment priority on the guaranteed invoices over vendors whose invoices are not guaranteed.

Our experience has shown us that when owners see their companies sinking, they often spend the last months pursuing credit that is not guaranteed, and pay off personally guaranteed invoices with the final revenues that come in.

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