Commercial Collection Consulting and Training Services


The professionals at The Kaplan Group have given hundreds of training seminars for thousands of professionals all around the country. Attendees include CFO’s, VP’s of Sales, Credit Managers, credit staffs and collectors, and Sales Managers and staff. Our standard seminars range from 1 hour to a half-day and cover topics such as: Collection Philosophies, How To’s, Goals and Principals, Financial Statement Analysis, What Not to Say, Legal Rights, Bankruptcy, Maximizing Your Legal Options, and Proving Your Value to Management. Typically there is no charge for these seminars.

The Kaplan Group can also provide training customized to particular client needs. This typically involves need assessment, review of proposed program with management, and post-training follow-up and review to promote adoption of procedures and policies. Typically a fee is charged for this service, but only a fraction of the cost-savings that client achieve as a result of the program.


The Kaplan Group has extensive experience analyzing troubled companies and developing turn-around plans. When necessary, we can also assist with the implementation or monitoring of plan implementations. These projects are performed on behalf of creditors who want to truly understand what is occurring within a large debtor’s organization or for debtors who are pro-active in dealing with their troubled situation. The Kaplan Group also represents individual creditors on Bankruptcy Creditor Committees and provides business consultants to these Committees.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The principals at The Kaplan Group have been active in the M&A process from a variety of perspectives on a large number of mid-market transactions. We have negotiated deals both as investment banking advisors and as principals of our own companies. We have extensive experience valuing companies (hundreds of valuations have been completed), analyzing business plans, performing financial analysis, structuring transactions, raising financing, organizing or completing due diligence, and evaluating legal issues.

General Business Consulting

We provide a wide variety of consulting services, including business planning, financial analysis, budgeting, cash flow enhancement, business development, and general business advice. Our principals have decades of experience as entrepreneurs, professional managers, lawyers and consultants. We are results-oriented, as analysis without action typically is of minimal reward.

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