Commercial Collection Agency Rates

Our contingency rates are extremely competitive. But, when choosing a provider of professional services, results, service and integrity are more important than cost. The most important criteria for selecting a commercial collections agency is the likelihood they will recover your money. Potentially saving a few percentage points in cost by using a firm that employs scores of $12 an hour script reading debt collectors is not the way to maximize the likelihood of getting your money. There is no fee unless we collect. Our contingency rates are based on the amount collected:

Over $500,00010%
$50,000 to $500,00015%
$5,000 to $50,00020%
$1,000 to $5,00025%
Under $1,00050%

We will do a full debt collection effort under the name of our collection agency. If that doesn’t work, we will do another full effort under the name of our in house law firm at the same contingency rates described above. Are you ready for us to GET YOUR MONEY?

Claim Placement Form & Contract
85% Success Rate

Superior Debt Collection Approach

Fill out the one-page forms, send the information to us and we’ll have one of our very experienced debt collectors chasing your money within 1 business day. Need More Information: Call 805-541-2639 or email us. We encourage you to give us a call and talk to the people you are trusting to get your money.

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Other important information: We only handle commercial collections claims (e.g. against a business or the personal guarantor of a business debt). We do not collect from individuals unless it is because they incurred a business debt. Landlords: we accept claims for rent only if the tenant business is still operating or if you have working phone numbers for guarantors.

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