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San Francisco businesses have been relying on The Kaplan Group for superior commercial collection agency services since 1991. Our lead collectors have worked as consultants and senior executives for a number of technology, manufacturing, and service businesses which gives us unique insights during the collection process. This is a key contributing factor in achieving an 85% success rate on large viable claims in California and throughout the USA.


There is no fee unless we collect.

Contingency rates range from 10% to 25%.

We are San Francisco’s large commercial claims experts

We produce an 85% success rate on large viable claims.


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Our Mission

Our collection agency was founded with one simple mission: to collect on every valid invoice. We won’t stop our debt collection efforts until we have your money or your customer is no longer financially viable.
When you hire a collection agency, you want the one that is most likely to collect your money and pay it to you. The Kaplan Group has an unrivaled 85% success rate on large viable claims. How do we achieve this?

First, as we develop our debt collection strategy for each claim our primary focus is to use an approach that will maximize the likelihood of success. That means we get a deep understanding of your claim and your customer as we explain here. Instead of using auto-dialers and letter series that many collection agencies use, we develop a custom strategy for each claim and adjust as necessary to get your money.

Second, we don’t use overseas call centers or local script reading debt collectors to chase your money. We use California based business professionals to pursue your funds. Our professionals have experience as senior executives, consultants and managers at a wide variety of companies and have negotiated over $500 million in mergers, acquisitions and licensing deals. Many have college or graduate degrees. This experience is critical to our ability to develop a custom approach on each claim and that leads to our industry leading success rate.

Third, we have an in house law office that we use for a full second collection effort if needed. There is no upfront cost for this – we charge the same low contingency rate whether we get your money under our collection agency or law office name. Over 97% of our successful cases are accomplished without going to court. But, when needed, we have a network of attorneys throughout the USA to handle court cases on a contingency basis.

The Kaplan Group is an agency you can trust. We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, we are one of less than 250 agencies qualified by the International Association of Commercial Collectors, and we have never had a complaint filed or bad review posted by a debtor or client.

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We Understand Business in San Francisco

Tourism, financial services, and high tech are main drivers of the local economy. Our principals have direct business experience in each of these areas, from running conventions and doing hotel deals, to co-founding a bank as well as serving as a senior executive for multiple venture capital backed companies. We have negotiated over $75 million in tech deals during the last decade and negotiated with some of the largest tech companies in the world.

This business experience gives our professionals a true understanding of how different companies work, how services are provided and used, and the contracts that govern business transactions. We translate this experience into outstanding debt collection results.

Our expertise is recognized by our industry, as our advice is frequently published in Credit & Collection News, InsideARM, CreditToday, The Debt Collector and Accounts Recovery. We are also frequently requested to share our knowledge as presenters at conferences sponsored by NACM (National Association of Credit Management), D&B (Dun & Brad¬street) and Riemer Reporting.

Company president Dean Kaplan was a management consultant at KPMG for eight years. During his tenure, he helped hundreds of companies with business plans, mergers, acquisitions and valuations. He owned, operated and dramatically grew a manufacturing business and has been a CFO for several technology companies.

kaplancollectionagency Anne Kaplan was Associate General Counsel for Turner Broadcasting (TNT & TBS) and West Coast Counsel for the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).

Jerry Kaplan has been a commercial debt collection expert for over 4 decadesJerry Kaplan co-founded a bank and a bankruptcy preference defense company in addition to Kaplan & Kaplan, one of the largest commercial collection agencies in the country when he sold it in 1989.


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“I have used the services of The Kaplan Group for over 10 years. This is a professional organization that does an outstanding job in collecting amounts that sometimes seem impossible to collect. I highly recommend The Kaplan Group..”

-Pete Marrone, BakerCorp

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San Francisco Collection Agency Resources

We frequently use the resources below when collecting from San Francisco companies:


Collection Agency Tips for San Francisco Businesses

Extending credit to business customers is just like a bank giving a company a line of credit. Before the bank does this, they collect information on the company and carefully analyze it. Businesses need to do the same thing before extending credit.

Many companies subscribed to credit evaluation services and simply rely on these to determine the credit worthiness of a new customer. These reports do provide valuable information. Clearly if a business has been established for many years and pays its vendors on a timely basis, that will give you comfort.

But a credit report alone is not enough to protect you if something goes wrong. A well designed credit application collects important information in the event of problems, and it is your opportunity to state the legal terms of your business relationship with your customer. For tips on how to review the information on a credit application, see this article in our resource center.

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