Should You Sue Your Customer?

Unfor­tu­nately, the alter­na­tive of going to court needs to be con­sid­ered in many of the claims placed with our col­lec­tion agency.  Typ­i­cally, debt col­lec­tion lit­i­ga­tion is not that expen­sive since the debt col­lec­tion attor­neys we use work on a con­tin­gency basis.  How­ever, it can be a lengthy process and there is no guar­anty of suc­cess, which we define as actu­ally col­lect­ing, not just win­ning the lawsuit.

We have two five minute videos that explain debt col­lec­tion lit­i­ga­tion and the judg­ment col­lec­tion process.  We highly rec­om­mend peo­ple watch these videos or read the tran­scripts on these pages if they are con­sid­er­ing ini­ti­at­ing debt col­lec­tion lit­i­ga­tion or using debt col­lec­tion attorneys.

We care­fully eval­u­ate all options and explain them to our clients when debt col­lec­tion lit­i­ga­tion has to be con­sid­ered.  When lit­i­ga­tion is the only option, we believe that eval­u­at­ing the poten­tial return on invest­ment is the key cri­te­ria for our clients to con­sider.  Many fac­tors go into this equa­tion.  The info­graphic below shows the many items we take into con­sid­er­a­tion when eval­u­at­ing the like­li­hood of suc­cess­fully col­lect­ing a poten­tial lawsuit.

Should You Sue Your Customer?

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