Our Collection Agents Work for You

While all of our collection agents are working for us here a The Kaplan Group, when they are assigned to your case, they will be working for you to do everything in their power to collect the debts you are owed. Unlike many agencies that go from initial contact to threats and then straight on to using the legal system to attempt to collect the money you are owed, we take a different approach.

At The Kaplan Group our collection agents have found that their success rate is much better if they take the time to get to know and work with the companies that owe you money. In many cases we can negotiate a repayment program that they can afford and ensures that you get paid the money you are owed. In many cases it is not that your customers do not want to pay, it is just that have managed to run the bill up too high to be able to pay it all at once.

About The Author:

Dean Kaplan is Principal at The Kaplan Group. Dean's exper­tise is widely rec­og­nized in the debt col­lec­tion indus­try. His advice has been pub­lished in a num­ber of indus­try newslet­ters such as Credit Today and InsideARM and he is a fre­quent speaker at indus­try events.