Hiring a Debt Collection Attorney is the Last Step

As a business you simply cannot afford to have one of your business customers owe you money and not pay you when the bill comes due. This is a sure and certain way to end up in debt yourself. Your firsts step in trying to collect the debt should be to contact a debt collection service that specialized in business collections. You will find that many of them retain their own debt collection attorney on staff.

The Debt Collection Attorney Will Handle the Lawsuit

If after all standard collections procedures have failed, the collections agency you hire will want to know if you wish to pursue collecting the debt.  If you decide that you want the debt paid, as you rightly should, they will turn the debt over to their debt collection attorney. It then becomes his job to file a civil lawsuit seeking to recover the debt and all costs in a court of law so that you get your money.

Ready To Collect Your Money?