Giving Your Commercial Collection Agency the Best Chance at Recovery

One of the biggest reasons many businesses have a hard time recovering money that they are owed by another business is that they wait far too long before referring the past due account to a commercial collection agency. The maximum recommend number of days past due recommended by most agencies before you hire them is no more than 60 days, after this you need to start collection actions.

The simple fact is that the longer you wait to contact a commercial collection agency like The Kaplan Group the harder it is going to be for them to successfully collect on the debt. Doing business this way not only gives you the best chance of recovering the debt, but also sends a very strong message to your customers that you will not tolerate them failing to pay their bills on time now or in the future.

About The Author:

Dean Kaplan is Principal at The Kaplan Group. Dean's exper­tise is widely rec­og­nized in the debt col­lec­tion indus­try. His advice has been pub­lished in a num­ber of indus­try newslet­ters such as Credit Today and InsideARM and he is a fre­quent speaker at indus­try events.